Tell Steve Jobs You Want a Greener Apple

Apple's releasing more than new products these days, they're also releasing tons of toxic chemicals. That's because under their skin, apples are full of toxic chemicals. When they get tossed, they can end up at the fingertips of children in developing world countries, who dismantle them for parts. Take Action! Tell Steve Jobs that you want a green apple.


As you saw from Greenpeace's Guide to Greener Electronics, Apple ranks at the bottom of the list in getting toxic chemicals out of its products and adopting a first class recycling policy. While Apple is famous for innovation, it would be a shame to see Apple become infamous for polluting the environment. The toxic chemicals you use in your products end up in scrap yards in Asia where they contaminate child laborers and the environment. Your voluntary "recycling" program is weak and non-existent outside the U.S. unless required by local governments. There is no reason why state-of-the art products cannot also be green. Other companies are already doing more than Apple. We urge you to become an industry leader in making products that actually improve our health and the environment. Thank you.
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