It’s a new year, time for new beginnings… time for a fresh green Apple. Give Steve Jobs a call now and tell him to make a resolution to create a green Apple. It’s easy -- just pick up the phone and call him today. We've provided you with a phone number and a sample script - you can let us know how it went. These calls are a great way to take the message straight to company headquarters, and to get a better sense of how Apple is responding. Your feedback helps.

Apple knows more about "clean" design than anybody, right? So why do their products contain hazardous chemicals that other companies have abandoned?

We’ve been talking with electronic company execs for three years now, and now we need you to give it a try. Apple has fallen to the bottom of the barrel, while their competitors have made progress. Tell Apple to “think different”. Maybe if they hear from enough of us they’ll clean up their act.
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Hello, I’m calling because I’m an Apple fan, but I’m concerned about the company’s impact on the environment. Please:
  • Remove the worst toxic chemicals from all your products and production lines.
  • Offer and promote free "take-back" for all your products, everywhere they are sold.

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