Bake Sales to Save the Whales!

April 28th and 29th National Days of Action


PLEASE NOTE! As of Tuesday, April 17th, we are no longer mailing bake sale kits. If you'd like to register a new bake sale please download and print the online version of the toolkit. It includes all the materials you'll need for your bake sale.


Last year alone, well over 1000 whales died for profit. Although most of the world supports the protection of whales, a few countries are trying to open the seas to widespread commercial whaling. In May of this year, the International Whaling Commission will meet on U.S. soil, to discuss the fate of the whales. No government is better placed to help bring this unsustainable and inhumane industry to an end than the U.S., but we need your help to make it happen.

What better way to sweeten up the Bush Administration than a weekend of Bake Sales to Save the Whales? Sign up here to organize a bake sale, and recruit friends to help. The bake sales are a fun way to be visible, raise awareness, and engage the public to pressure the U.S. government. While selling cupcakes and cookies you and your friends can encourage passers-by to sign petitions, write letters and make phone calls.

You can download and print a toolkit with everything you need, including bake sale host instructions, petitions and fact sheets. Break out your oven mitt, and get the message out with muffins. Make some "Whaling is Nuts" brownies, and mobilize the public.

Use this site to publicize and coordinate the day-of-action event that you're organizing, or search and RSVP for an event near you.

Bake Sale Organizers

You can sign-in and list the event you're organizing for others to see. As an event organizer, you'll customize your own event page where you can list event logistics, send email invitations, track RSVPs, and coordinate your Bake Sale to Save the Whales event. You can download and print a bake sale toolkit with everything you'll need for your event.

Bake Sale Volunteers

You can search the site to find out if there's a Bake Sale to Save the Whales event being planned in your community. If there is, RSVP for it, and invite your friends to do the same! You should contact the event organizer to touch base, let them know if you're bringing baked goods, and find out if they need any help with the event.

Feel free to email us if you have questions or need advice:

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