Clean Power to the People Parties:

The Energy [R]evolution Starts Now!

Now's our chance to kick-start the Energy [R]evolution. With a new administration and an emboldened Congress taking over in Washington, there’s never been a better time for serious action on global warming. But elections alone don’t bring change. Progress only happens when citizens push the people they elected to lead the way.

That’s why on March 2nd, people from all over the country will converge on the Capitol Power Plant in Washington D.C. for the largest mass civil disobedience against global warming in U.S. history. But to really make the action a success, we’re going to need more than just those people who can make it to Washington.

Be part of history and help us end coal's stranglehold over Washington by signing up to host a house party in your neighborhood on February 12th.

Here’s what will be happening at the party:

1) You'll create personalized pinwheels, symbolizing clean power, for use in the March 2nd Capitol Climate action.

2) You'll join an exclusive conference call to get insider information about the Capitol Climate action.

3) And you'll find out how to get more people from your community involved.

There are occasions when traditional means of communication become ineffective and bolder action is required to bring about change necessary for the common good. We have reached such a moment in the struggle to stop global warming. It is this reality that has lead prominent science and policy experts like NASA’s James Hansen and Noble Prize Laureate Al Gore to call on Americans to peacefully take a stand against coal. And nothing symbolizes the stranglehold coal has over our government more than the Capitol Power Plant.

The Energy [R]evolution starts NOW. It has to. Join us on February 12th and sign up to host a house party today!

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