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Energy Consumer Empowerment Workshop


January 26th @ 10:01 AM until Wed Dec 31 1969 @ 07:00 PM


3245 Eliot St.
Denver, CO 80211


Join Us for the
Energy Consumer Empowerment Workshop

Learn About:     

●How Xcel is Manipulating the System to Drive Up Their Record-Breaking Profits - and Your Electric Bills

●Why Your Utility Bill keeps Going Up and What You Can Do About It
●How Dirty Energy is Driving Up Our Electric Costs

●The Connection Between our Energy Use and Extreme Weather Events

●How to Impact Policy that Impacts You and Your Family

●How to Lobby Legislators and Other Elected Officials


WHEN: Saturday, January 26, 2013, 10am to 4pm
WHERE: Colorado Renewable Energy Society Conference Room

3245 Eliot St., Denver, CO 80211

CONTACT: Email or Call Gina Hardin, (303) 525-3076

Free Event and Lunch



Senator Morgan Carroll

Senator Carroll is the author of Take Back Your Government: A Citizen's Guide to Grassroots Change, a courageous political leader, the Senate Majority Leader and a strong advocate for citizen lobbying at the State Capitol.

This interview at this link is a bit out-dated, but it gives you a good sense for who Senator Carroll is and why you will be happy if you get a chance to meet her and hear her speak! The first part is reproduced below. (December 12, 2009)

I got the chance to interview Morgan Carroll yesterday. How someone can be that positive & energetic after years in the sausage factory is amazing. And in the unusual (unique?) category, her entire discussion was about increasing participation in the legislative process by citizens without a word about Morgan Carroll. Not even a word about her specific legislation. Nothing about her at all until I started asking her some questions that drove the conversation that way. So the first 20 minutes or so were about participation - and how legislation is poorer for a lack of any participation by the voters. The average bill gets zero comments from citizen. Most of the rest get one.


Co-Sponsored by:

  Colorado Renewable Energy Society (CRES), Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center; Colorado Interfaith Power & Light, Eco-Justice Ministries; Padres Unidos, Occupy Greeley, Occupy Denver, ProgressNow Colorado, Colorado 350, Clean Energy Action, Rocky Mountain Chapter of Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Wildlife Guardians & Fossil Fuel Free Denver


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