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Summary Description:

The Frontline Senior City Coordinator is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Frontline program in a particular city and its surrounding areas. The Frontline program’s objective is to increase the financial strength and political clout of Greenpeace by recruiting members to give automatic monthly donations through a credit card or a bank direct debit.

Responsiblities include these major areas and others:

Performance: Ensure that new member and financial goals are achieved by meeting specific objectives

Evaluation: Fill out and submit weekly reports on recruitment and office performance.

Frontlining: City Coordinators are expected to Frontline two days per week averaging $30 in pledges per day.

Evaluation: Fill out and submit weekly reports on recruitment and office performance.

Staff Recruitment: Spend 50% of your time creating, implementing, and monitoring your recruitment plan to meet your staff recruitment objectives.

Staff Development: Provide staff with the skills and motivation to work well

Leadership Development: Identifying, training and hiring team leaders for every five staff and trainers

Budget: Oversee spending and stay within budget for office supplies, transportation to sites, recruitment, and other budgeted items.


A minimum of 1-2 years of experience in face-to-face fundraising, direct marketing or customer service and a strong interest in environmental issues.

The ideal applicant would be a tenacious self-starter with leadership ability to manage and motivate a large team of staff; skills and resources to identify, recruit, train and retain staff; provide visionary short-term and long-term strategic planning skills; and proficiency in Excel, Word, e-mail and database programs.


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