Greenpeace Student Network Activist Summit 2012 Application

The Greenpeace Student Network provides training and resources to hundreds of youth environmental activists across the country who work on their campuses and in their communities to build power, develop leaders and campaign for Greenpeace.

We're bringing together 50 top student activists August 2nd - 5th to cabins in the woods of Virginia. Activist will learn from both Greenpeace volunteer, student and staff trainers.

Upon returning to their campuses and communities, participants will be equipped to make an impact saving the climate.

Why you should apply:

  • Advanced trainings in grassroots organizing skills
  • In-depth campaign and strategy briefings on Greenpeace priority campaign so YOU can make a difference on your campus or in your community.
  • Network and share the keys to successful campaigning with other community and campus organizers.
  • Work with Greenpeace top trainers and organizers.
  • Make new friends and be a part of the incredible Greenpeace Student Network.

What’s included:

  • 4 days training
  • Subsidized food, accommodations and materials
  • Travel scholarships available (need based)

To apply:

Please fill in your information and answer the questions to the right, then click "submit answers."

Contact Dan Cannon at if you have any questions.

Application Deadline: Extended to midnight July 9th.

*Full Name


*Phone Number

*Address (please include street, city, state, and zip code)

*School Name (if currently a student)

*Age (must be at least 16 years old)

*How did you hear about the Greenpeace Student Network Activist Summit? Please be specific.

*Tuition for the summit is $50. This helps Greenpeace pay for food, materials, and accommodations. Are you able to pay that cost? If not, how much would you be able to pay? (We'll do our best to make sure folks can attend, regardless of money.)

*Will you ONLY be able to attend if you receive travel assistance? If yes, what percentage (roughly) of your travel costs would you be able to cover?

*How would you describe your campaigning / organizing ability and knowledge? Would you say you are: new, intermediate, or advance? Please explain.

*Are you interested in being a trainer at the summit?
Yes No

If Yes, please answer these three questions:
1. What is your previous training experience?
2. Why do you want to train?
3. What specifically would you want to train on?

*Are you interested in helping Greenpeace staff plan and pull together the summit?
Yes No


Ideally we want to bring small groups of campus and community leaders to the summit, to achieve this we are asking you to please provide the names, and contact information (phone and email) of 3 people you think should also apply to attend the Greenpeace Student Network Activist Summit.

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