Internship Application - Spring 2013

Thanks for your interest in interning with Greenpeace. Fill out the following application to apply for our Spring 2013 internship term, which runs from February 4th  to May 3rd 2013. You will need information from your resume as well as your top 3 internship position choices. Please note that certain positions are only available in the Washington, DC or San Francisco office. Go to the internships page and click the links at right to read the internship descriptions.
*About you:


*Select the city in which you would like to be an intern: info
Are you interested in internships in more than one city? If so, select your second-choice location here:
*Please note that Greenpeace cannot provide housing or relocation for interns. Please select to indicate if you live in the first-choice city you selected above and if you have housing set up:
*You must be over 18 years of age to intern with Greenpeace. Will you be 18 or older when the internship term begins?
*How much time per week are you able to commit to this internship? info
*When are you available to start your internship? info
*When do you need to end your internship? info
*Our standard internships are one semester. Note here if you are interested in a two semester internship.
I am only interested in a one semester internship
I am interested in a two semester internship (up to six months)
*What is your first choice internship? info
*What is your second choice internship? info
*What is your third choice internship?
*Where did you hear about our internship?
If other, please explain
Please select any way you have been involved with Greenpeace in the past (select all that apply):
Change It alum
Greenpeace Semester (GOT) alum
Greenpeace Frontline staff
Interned with Greenpeace previously
Greenpeace Student Network member
Greenpeace Volunteer
Greenpeace online activist
Greenpeace Member
Interacted with Greenpeace's Facebook page
If other, please explain
What academic institution are you currently attending or have graduated from?
*What will your school status be at the time of the internship?
*What year did/will you receive your undergraduate degree?
*In less than 200 words, why do you want to work with Greenpeace?
*In less than 200 words, what do you feel is the most important environmental problem facing us right now and why?
*In less than 200 words, what do you see as a solution to this problem?
*In less than 200 words, what skills or experience are you looking to gain from an internship at Greenpeace?
Select all skills or experience you have:
Web Design
Administration/General Office Work
Computer Programming
Data Entry
Direct Action
Event Organizing
Graphic Design
Grassroots Organizing
Human Resources
Media Work
Online Organizing
Student Organizing
Volunteer Coordination
*Select your areas of interest (all that apply):
Corporate Accountability
Direct Action
Genetic Engineering
Global Warming
Grassroots Organizing
Non-profit Administration
Nuclear Waste/Nuclear Power
Online Organizing
Toxic Pollutants
*Submit resume or CV here: info
Please include a brief writing sample info
Any other notes or comments you'd like to add?

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