2013 Greenpeace Direct Action Camp Application

The 2013 Greenpeace Direct Action Camp will be held in the Los Angeles, CA area from March 18-23, 2013.

We will be accepting applications for the camp until February 1, 2013. Final acceptances will be sent out by February 10, 2013.

This will be a 6 day camp with travel days on either side so please make sure that you are able to commit to the entire time. While the camp is free and all food, lodging, and training are provided at no cost, you will be responsible for your own travel costs. Some stipends will be available. Before applying, please make sure that you will be able to arrive by the night of March 17 and attend camp through the morning of March 24.

There will be 4 skill sets trained at the camp:

  • Arts in Action: trainees in this track will learn the essential skills to make and use banners, silk screens, props, posters, graphics, wheat paste, and a variety of other tools to produce effective high quality images for use in direct action, street theater, marches, protests, etc.

  • Climbing: trainees in this track will learn basic skills from a variety of climbing disciplines including industrial, alpine, and arborist.

  • Boat Driving: trainees in this track will learn basic seamanship, boat handling and crewing, and maintenance.

  • Blockades: trainees in this track will learn essential skills for occupying space using technical tools and their own bodies.

There will also be workshops on reconnaissance, tactical communications, non-violent philosophy, action planning and more.

In filling out the application, please indicate which of the 4 main areas of focus (arts, climb, boat, blockades) you are most interested in. Spaces are limited in each of the tracks and we cannot guarantee that everyone will be placed into their first choice. For this reason, please make sure that you would be happy with any of your choices. If you plan on attending with friends from your region, it is recommended that you split up between tracks to maximize information gathering.

Food at camp will be vegan and vegetarian. All meals will be nutritionally balanced and will fulfill any dietary needs.

We cannot allow dogs or other animal companions at this camp (service animals excepted).

All participants will be assigned a bunk in a group cabin. Participants who would rather camp in a tent may do so if they bring their own gear. There will be running water, bathrooms, and showers. Staff will be on hand to offer help and advice for any first time or infrequent campers. There is a limited amount of camping gear available on loan from Greenpeace.

One goal of the Greenpeace training program is to spread skills in a variety of direct action techniques throughout the activist world with the idea that the more skilled and experienced activists there are in our shared movements, the better for all. We recognize the fact that most, if not all, meaningful social movements throughout history have been conceived, organized, and orchestrated from the ground up by front-line communities. We also see how the environmental activist movement has often failed to be inclusive and supportive of these very same communities. As a larger, well resourced activist organization, Greenpeace would like to be a part of changing this dynamic by supporting all communities through offering direct action skills trainings, resource development, and bringing different activist communities together by creating a safe and inclusive space for skill sharing and learning.

To that end, we will prioritize outreach to people in marginalized, underrepresented, and front-line communities. People of color, women, especially women of color, LGBTQ and gender nonconforming individuals, and those with limited financial resources are all highly encouraged to apply.

Participants of past Greenpeace Action Camps will not be accepted; however there are limited volunteer positions available.

Please feel free to direct any questions or volunteer inquiries to melissa.oneil@greenpeace.org


*Name, Adress, Email


*Age (At this time we are unable to accept applicants under 18 years of age)

Which, if any, do you identify as? Please check all that apply. (optional)
Non gender conforming
Bi sexual

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Which, if any, do you identify as? (optional)
Multi Racial
Black/ African American
Latino/ Latina
Asian/ Pacific Islander
Indigenous/ First Nation/ Native American
White/ Caucasian

The above list is by no means complete. If you don't see yourself there feel free to enter something here.

*Did you apply for the 2012 Greenpeace Action Camp?
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*Did you attend the 2012 Greenpeace Action Camp?
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*How did you hear about this camp?

If you answered "other" to the last question, please elaborate.

*Why are you interested in attending this camp?
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*Tell us a bit about your experience with nonviolent direct action.
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*Please select the area of training that most interests you. We cannot guarantee your 1st choice, so please rank your preferences using the questions below.

*Second choice

*Third choice

*Fourth choice

Please tell us why you chose your first choice.
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There are a limited number of need-based travel stipends available. There are some people who claim they "need" a stipend because of the way they've chosen to allocate their income. Don't be one of those people.  Travel stipends are intended for low income participants who will not be able to attend camp without some support. 

It is our intention that action camp 2013 be a safe and inclusive space for all participants. If motivated, please take a second to tell us what that space would look like to you and offer any suggestions as to how we might help make that vision a reality.

*Please provide 3 references and contact information - references from the activist community are encouraged but not required.

*What, if any, is your relationship to Greenpeace?
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Anything else that you want to tell us?
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