Name the New Greenpeace Balloon!

We’ve got ships, helicopters, a solar-paneled vehicle, and now? Our very own balloon. That’s right, a giant hot-air balloon shaped like the Earth.

Our balloon made its debut this month during the famous International Balloon Fiesta, to demonstrate that global warming is the greatest threat facing our fragile planet. It was a spectacular sight over the horizon, and even though the Balloon Fiesta is the most photographed event in the world, our balloon really stood out over all the rest.

There’s only one problem. Our hot-air balloon doesn’t have a name yet! And just like any other Greenpeace vessel, our balloon needs a good name. That’s where YOU come in!

From now until Friday, October 17 at 5pm EST we’re asking for your help to come up with the best names you can think of. You can submit up to three names. The Greenpeace flight crew will choose their favorite ten names, and we’ll open up the voting to the entire Greenpeace community to choose their favorite name.  The name with the most votes wins!

So go ahead, submit your name suggestions and tell your friends to get in on the action. If we get the ideas flowing from the entire community we’ll have a name that really elevates the issue of global warming!  To get your balloon-naming juices flowing you can read about the controversy surrounding our new balloon and the history of all our balloons by clicking here.

*Your name (so we can give you credit!)


*Suggest a name for our new balloon: (up to 3 suggestions)

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Anything you want to say about why you chose these names?

Here she is in flight!

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